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576p Vs 480p Vs 1080p

576p vs 480p vs 1080p


576p Vs 480p Vs 1080p --

















































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1080p? Hitting info on your remote to see the game resolution? Is that what real gamers do? Play their games and hit "info" through out the game to see what the resolution is during that particular scene? Seriously, I am just WAY confused. This is the real deal now, and it's being confirmed all around. That should give you an idea of where Im going with this: Home Theater Projectors offer you by far, the largest images available in your home. After years and years of playing with graphical settings, it just comes naturally. Try playing your wii on a 576 p and you know what i'm saying. Experience, training, and familiarity. And if the source is crisp enough you may not be able to notice between 720p and 576p (providing the colors are not washed out in 576p which sometimes happens) Thanks for ur attention :p Share this post Link to post Share on other sites . Is there some magic I am missing on how to see all this. Julius Caro 55 55 6,009 posts Posted May 12, 2010 When the TV is being 'fed' a lower than HD resolution, you just notice. I'm perfectly happy with HD signals in my Incofus X1. 720p = DVD quality 1080p = Blu-ray/HD Quality So yes 720p should look fine. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites .. ^ It usually takes me about 5 seconds to count. I should note that a year ago, you could spend $4000-$6000 or even more, online, for one of the better 720p projectors. In some countries, such as Australia, the 576p resolution standard is technically considered high-definition and was in use by the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS TV) (16:9 the format has aspect ratio 1.468), eventually replaced by 720p for its high-definition subchannel; SBS later changed to using 1080i. not so much on a TV When i purchased my new full HD monitor. Hey, at 15 feet, even a 273 conventional TV looks razor sharp. LCD based, it has excellent placement flexibility, and is also the brightest of the home theater projectors Click Image to Enlarge. The Seven Network initially used 576p for its high-definition subchannel, but now uses 1080i instead. SE did not need to compress a demo because it wouldn't take up the full dvd to begin with. P!P 24 73695 of. In fact, some can be found for less than $500.

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